2 Girls Teach Sex Heading

Famous Adult Film Star Reveals For The First Time ...

How To Give Your Girl An Intense,
Full-Body Orgasm That Makes Her
Squirt All Over Your Bed...


I've given squirting orgasms to over 300 women, and I can show you how
in just 5 minutes. If you're serious about being able to give your girl the type of
FULL-BODY, screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs orgasm that no guy has EVER given her before... whether it's your first night together or you've been dating for years...
then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read...

Marcus London
I've made over 300 women squirt and now I want to show you how to do the same! :)

By: Marcus London
Master Of The Squirting Orgasm

Dear Friend,

The "trick" to giving your girl a full-body squirting orgasm is a simple 2-part technique that I can teach you in just 5 minutes.

It will then take me about 45 minutes to get you to mastery - the level where you can use it to make ANY girl squirt as you wish.

My name is Marcus London... and making girls squirt is my specialty.

I've personally given squirting orgasms to over 300 women... both on the screen and in my private life. 99% of who I made squirt for their first time ever!

It took me over 3 years of practicing to discover and perfect my technique for giving a girl these unforgettable orgasms... but I still feel lucky to have figured it out. I know of less than a dozen men in the world who know how to do it right.

When done correctly, this technique works with young women, older women, and every girl in between. It works with girls of all nationalities, and all levels of sexual experience. It works with girls who are consertive in the bedroom and those who are a little "wilder". In fact, once you know what this technique is and how to do it, you can give a squirting orgasm to ANY girl you choose!

Why This Is "The Ultimate Orgasm" For Women

We men only know one kind of orgasm... and we all know what happens when we have one.

But for women, the orgasmic experience is not only different for her than it is for a man... it is different depending on the TYPE of orgasm she has.

All women are capable of having several different kinds of orgasms. Here's what they are:

~ The 5 Types Of Female Orgasms ~

1.) The Clitoral Orgasm

A clitoral orgasm is the most common type of female orgasm, and I'm sure you already know that a girl experiences this type of orgasm from clitoral stimulation, usually by your fingers, your tongue, or a toy.

This is the most common female orgasm. Most guys can give this type of orgasm to a girl, so it's likely that most girls you have been with have had one of these orgasms with another guy before you.

2.) The G-Spot Orgasm

A G-spot orgasm is a little more tricky. Some people call this an "internal orgasm", or a "deep spot orgasm", because a girl experiences it from stimulation on the inside of her.

Because of this she gets more of a "full body" sensation than she does from just a clitoral orgasm.

While G-Spot orgasms used to be a mystery, in the last decade or so the word has gotten out, and now more and more guys know how to give a girl these orgasms.

This the type of orgasm a girl is likely to have through penetration if she is with a guy who is good in bed. Special G-Spot orgasm toys have also now become popular with women, so more and more women are having these orgasms on their own.

These internal orgasms feel much better to a girl than a clitoral orgasm, so when a guy can give a girl this type of orgasm she'll automatically consider him to be pretty good in bed.

3.) The Simultaneous Orgasm

A "Simultaneous Orgasm" is when a girl experiences a clitoral orgasm and a G-Spot orgasm at the same time.

This is a difficult one to pull off for a guy, as it requires just the right finger and tongue technique, or finger and penetration technique.

But what's really tough is the TIMING. Even if you have the technique right, the timing has to be perfect.

Because of this it's very hard for a guy to give a girl a Simultaneous Orgasm. Girls who are experienced "self lovers" will have probably had this, but not often, because the feeling is not THAT much better than having the different types of orgasms on their own.

4.) Multiple Orgasms

"Multiple Orgasms" is when a girl experiences either Clitoral or G-Spot orgasms over and over again!

This is a very exciting feeling for a woman, and if a guy has great tongue technique or amazing stamina, he can usually give a girl Multiple Orgasms... and she will consider him to be GREAT in bed!

5.) The Squirting Orgasm

And that brings us to the "The Squirting Orgasm"... which is entirely different than all of the orgasms listed above.

The best way to understand what a Squirting Orgasm feels like for a woman is to think of your own orgasm.

Go ahead and think about what it feels like right now.

Now, imagine how it would feel if you had an orgasm... but NOTHING CAME OUT.

Like if you had the orgasm, but you didn't ejaculate.

Wouldn't it feel WEIRD? Even INCOMPLETE?

Well THIS is what the Clitoral and G-Spot Orgasms feel like for a woman.

But here's the thing:

If they have never had a Squirting Orgasm, they don't KNOW what they are missing.

They THINK a Clitoral or G-Spot Orgasm is the best feeling they can get. After all, it's the best they've ever had.

But then, they meet a guy who can give them a Squirting Orgasm... and...

"OH MY GOD!!!"

It's unlike anything else they've EVER experienced... and makes all other orgasms they've had in the past... seem like nothing!

And from then on, their sex lives are never the same.

Let me explain it to you in a different way:

Think about getting in your own car right now, finding an open road, then GUNNING IT with the pedal to the medal.

Always fun, right?

Well now think about if you got your hands on a Ferrari... and going and doing the same thing.

BIG difference, right??

That's what the difference feels like for a woman between having a Clitoral Orgasm and a G-Spot Orgasm.

But, the difference between the feeling of these types of orgasms, and the feeling of having a Squirting Orgasm...

Is like the difference between taking off in a Ferrari... and...

Getting In The Cockpit Of A FIGHTER JET... And Slamming On The Afterburners Full Force!


What I'm trying to tell is that there is really NO comparision!

Ask any woman who has had a Squirting Orgasm, and she'll tell you the same.

Needless to say, a guy who can give a woman one of these mind-blowing orgasms isn't considered, "good" or even "great" in bed... no sir.

He's Put In A Category ALL His Own!

And that category is simply called...

The BEST She's Ever Had.

No matter what your "size", no matter how long you last, regardless of sexual experience, and even if you do everything else wrong!

When you give your girl this "Ultimate Orgasm"... you've done something that NO other guy has ever done before. From that moment, on she considers you the best she's ever had, period.

The mystery behind the Squirting Orgasm is just being figured out now. Just as the G-Spot orgasm is no longer a mystery, I'm sure 20 years from now everyone will know how to give a girl a squirting orgasm, and it will be no big deal.

But for now, there are just a few of us who are on the cutting edge of this sexual revolution, and we have a HUGE advantage over all other men. Now it's time for you to join us.


What Is It And Can Any Woman Do It?

Female Ejaculation is a mystery even to many scientists. I personally don't know how the "science" works and you know what... I don't care!

All I know is that it's a REAL phenomenom, girls LOVE it, and once you know the secret, it's easy to do.

Here's a couple other facts I can tell you about Squirting Orgasms:

1. It's Not Pee

A very common misconception is that the girl is not squirting but peeing. I can tell you that this is 100% false. Once you make a girl squirt you'll know instantly that it's not. What it is is fluid stored in something called her, "Urethral Sponge"... the same fluid that makes her wet when she's turned on for you.

2. ANY Girl Can do It

A lot of people think that only "freaky" girls or girls who are really sexual can squirt. Not true. I've made girls squirt from all different backgrounds and personalities... from fellow adult starlets to career women to college co-eds.

Every girl has the anatomy to experience these breathtaking orgasms, and once she does she will want it again and again and again. It's just a matter of her finding someone who knows the technique to make it happen.

3. The Actual Technique Is SIMPLE

Because a squirting orgasm is so different than what we guys are used to seeing with women, a lot of guys assume it's hard to do... or that they have to do a bunch of psychological stuff with the girl to get her ready to squirt... or find a bunch of "secret" spots...

Well I USED to think this was true, but as I improved my technique over the years, I've now boiled it down to one simple 2-part technique that works EVERY time! And as I mentioned before, I can show you how to do it in just 5 minutes. IT'S THAT SIMPLE... and I can prove it to you.

The "Difference" That Makes The Difference

While the technique I use to make girls squirt is simple, it is DIFFERENT than any way you have thought to touch a girl before...

It's definitely not something you'd stumble onto yourself... which is the reason that so few of us know it. And the reason it took me over 3 years to figure out.

The spot is different, the angle is different and the stoke itself is different. I've seen other techniques that can work to make SOME women squirt... but if you want the ability to give ANY girl the most powerful orgasm of her life... then this is the technique to use...

The Secret To Giving A Girl
A Squirting Orgasm

I never forget the first time I made a woman squirt... it actually happened by accident...

In my late teens and twenties I worked on a cruise ship in Europe, and like your average horny young sailor, I had a girl in every port :)

One night I met a beautiful older woman and we went back to her place for some fun. And there, when I was manually stimulating her, she squirted all over my hand.

At first I thought she'd peed on me, but I smelled it and it definitely wasn't pee. I'd been with a fair amount of girls at the time and had never seen anything like it, so I asked her what it was.

She explained to me that she was a "squirter" and that's just how it was for her when she climaxed. (I would later discover that some girls squirt very easily.)

I asked her if any girl could do it, and she wasn't sure.

I'll admit, seeing her shake and squirt like that really turned me on!

I knew there had to be a trick to it, and became OBSESSED with finding out what it was.

As a man, I was a bit on the "smaller side", if you know what I mean... and I knew that if I figured this out I would still be able to have an edge over a girl's past lovers.

I began trying out new things on every girl I was with... watching their reactions... and even writing down notes when I got home.

Well, after a couple years of this and several dozen girls (bartending on a cruise ship had it's perks :) ), it got to the point where I could make nearly half of the girls I got together with have a squirting orgasm.

And the girls LOVED IT... which made me want to learn even more.

I keep on practicing and trying new things... and before I knew it, I was making just about EVERY girl squirt that I got together with... much to the amazement of the girls themselves!

Girls Started Approaching Me For Sex!

Before all of this happened I had NO IDEA just how much girls talk to one another about their bedroom romps... much more than us men!

Word began to spread about my talent for giving girls amazing orgasms, and soon other girls wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

Of course I happily showed them :)

And afterwards, they ALWAYS came back for more. Even to the point of BEGGING ME to give it to them again!

Trust me... if you want to make a girl sexually ADDICTED to you, this is the way to do it.

And now, for the first time, I'd like to show you how...

Why I've Decided To
Reveal My Secrets
For The First Time...

The decision to share my method for making girls squirt was not an easy one for me.

It was this skill that allowed me to break into the adult film world as a male actor, which is next to impossible.

Since I was the only guy out there who could make a girl squirt, directors loved me :)

Not to mention it's been my "secret weapon" in the bedroom since my early twenties when I figured it out.

But then recently I got to thinking...

I really feel I've stumbled upon a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in the world of sexual pleasure here.

I think that this is gonna be BIG.

And some day, 20 years from now, every man will know how to give girls these orgasms.

Everyone will know how REAL and AMAZING they really are, and women will demand that their men know how to give them.

I feel that this is much bigger than being an adult film star.

And I don't think I'll ever be remembered as the guy who did the best adult scenes, or the guy who was the best actor... because I'm not...

But if I was remembered as the guy who discovered the secret of the Squirting Orgasm, and showed others how to use it to take their sex lives to the next level, that would be very satisfying to me.

So that's exactly what I've decided to do!

How YOU Can Make Your Girl Squirt,

When I decided that I would finally share these secrets for the first time, I decided I was gonna do it RIGHT!

No boring books or diagrams. No way. That would be like trying to learn boxing from a book. Not possible.

I decided that I was going to create a one-of-a-kind, tell all and SHOW ALL video instruction course... that would show a guy how to give his girl an intense squirting orgasm the very FIRST time he tried, regardless of his or her sexual experience, and even if he made a few mistakes.

And I'm proud to say that's exactly what I've done...


Squirting Orgasm Mastery

Squirting Mastery DVD Set

I've decided to call this course Squirting Orgasm Mastery - How To Give Your Girl The Ultimate Orgasm.

If you can watch tv and press a few buttons on a remote control, then you have what it takes to give your girl the ORGASM OF HER LIFE.

See The Technique
Demonstrated On 5 Real Girls!

The course is very simple:

You'll first hear from myself and Tori Black - 2012 AVN Female Adult Performer Of The Year - as we talk about what squirting is, how it works, and what you need to know in order to make a girl squirt (it's much easier than you think!).

I'll then teach you the actual technique for getting your girl to squirt - the stoke to use, where to caresses, and with how much pressure and for how long. There's not much to memorize and you'll have it all down in about 5 minutes.

Then we get to the fun stuff :)

I created this program to make you a MASTER of the squirting orgasm... and in order to do that, I'm going to demonstrate the technique for you on 5 real girls.

These girls are different ages, different looks, and from all levels of sexual experience.

Here's a short description of the erotic demonstrations you'll see...

Tori Black

Tori doesn't often have squirting orgasms, and the last time she did the guy did it wrong and it was painful! So needless to say I had my work cut out for me. In this hot demonstration scene I'll show you the my proven foreplay sequence for getting a girl mentally and physically ready to have one of these intense orgasms… then exactly how to give her one!

And then as part of your complete education, we'll take things to the next level as I show you 2 MORE ways to give her squirting orgasms after the initial orgasm is completed - each one more intense then the next!

You'll be able to use this exact foreplay sequence and squirting technique on your girl the same night you watch the program to make her shake and squirm like never before!



Hannah is one of those girls who seems WAY to hot to be naked on video! But she's as curious about squirting as every other girl in the world and wants to see what it's like. After the first orgasm you'll hear her ask me, "How did you do that??" then you'll watch me show her again… and again and again!

Pay close attention to this scene as we start with the basics, then move on to the truly advanced stuff. You'll discover the only ONE thing that gives your girl more sexual pleasure than a squirting orgasm… MULTIPLE squirting orgasms! And after watching this explicit tutorial you'll know exactly how to give your girl this once-in-a-lifetime experience.



Not only is 20-year-old Aiden new to squirting orgasms… she's new to video, and here you'll see her very first scene on camera!

She squirted a couple times before in her private life by accident, but hasn't figured out how to do it again. In this scene you'll see me make this sexy barely legal lady have the most INCREDIBLE orgasm of her entire life! The technique I use is easy - you'll be able to do it yourself after you see me do it first - but WOW what a result! Just wait till you see how hard she climaxes, over and over again.

You'll also here her confess her secrets as to what turns her on in bed…. prepare to be surprised! She'll spell out her exact erogenous zones and how to stimulate them in ways 99% of men will never discover.

ALSO: Pay close attention to the techniques I use to get Aiden relaxed and comfortable with me in this scene. Since it was her first scene on camera the foreplay was SUPER IMPORTANT… if I had done anything to make her uncomfortable I wouldn't have been able to make her squirt! But fortunately all went well and she came like you're not gonna believe. You'll be able to use these same secrets when you're with a girl for the first time to make her EXPLODE with pleasure… literally!



This former Wicked girl is hotter than train smoke! She doesn't know much about squirting, and in fact when guys have tried in the past she's quickly shot them down. But Monique had heard about how I made her best friend squirt and was curious to see what the hype was about… so I showed her! It wasn't easy to get her to squirt for the first time… she was really nervous… in her words, "It feels like I'm losing my virginity!" but before you know it Monique is squirting all over the camera!

At the end of the scene she'll explain to you how it feels and exactly what to say and do with your girl to help her get maximum enjoyment out of this new sexual experience (that you are the very FIRST guy to give her!)



In this scene you'll see veteran squirter Sindee Jennings. This girl can squirt from just about ANY kind of stimulation… no hard work or special technique needed here. In this hot scene you'll see Sindee literally squirt ACROSS THE ROOM! She'll also share the story of how she discovered her amazing squirting talents, and what you can do to help your girl unlock her hidden orgasmic potential.

There is NO better way to learn then by watching these explicit demonstrations. By the time you've gone through them you'll know exactly how to make your girl squirt... over and oever again while she begs you for more!

Here are just a few more of the secrets you'll get in this program:

check The exact spot you must touch to make a woman squirt (Here's my
foolproof way to find it on any girl in seconds... the very first
time you try)

check The thing most men THINK they should do when trying to give a girl
one of these orgasms that almost guarantees she WON'T have one!
(THIS is the big secret that took me from getting about half of the
women I hooked up with to squirt to getting ALL of them to squirt...
so listen up!)

check The exact amount of fingers to use, where and how to use them, and how much pressure (I'll show you every aspect of the technique and you'll be amazed at how easy it actually is!)
check What happens in a woman's body when she squirts and how to use
this knowledge to give her more intense orgasms (No science mumbo
jumbo here, just the straight facts on how to get her off)

check The "secret" sex position that gets a girl have a squirting orgasm
during penetration!

check The mental side of squirting - 5 things that get your girl relaxed
enough to squirt WITHOUT putting pressure on her

check A special trick to use on her upper body that triggers an INTENSE
reaction downstairs (This gets her SUPER turned on and BEGGING for you to touch her down there!)

What you must do with your hands BEFORE you touch a girl if you
want her to feel comfortable with you

check A new way to make your girl feel sexy "down there" (Use this to
get rid of her negative self-talk and make her comfortable and
relaxed around you. This also makes a woman more open to intercouse with you)

How OFTEN you should give a women a squirting orgasm

check The 2 OTHER techniques guys use to make a girl squirt... and why
you should NEVER use them! (Not only are they less effective, but
one of them can actually HURT your girl!)
check What you must do differently with a woman who is more "conservative"
in the bedroom
check What to do with your fingers that AREN'T inside of her! (This is
VERY important! Many guys miss this and when they do it's unlikely
she'll orgasm)

How to warm her up "down there" BEFORE you touch her secret squirt spot

check And much, much more...



Special Bonus For First 200 Buyers!

Advanced Sex Positions
For Killer Orgasms

sex positions dvds

2-DVD Live Demonstration

As promised, Shawna and I have decided to give away a special bonus to the first 200 guys to
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What is it?

It's a copy of Shawna's soon-to-be-released DVD program, Advanced Sex Positions For Killer Orgasms!

If you're serious about being the BEST your girl has ever had, you're gonna LOVE the secrets inside of this steamy video program.

In it, you'll hear from Marcus London - a man who's been with over 1700 women - as he demonstrates his favorite positions for giving your girl orgasm after juicy orgasm... no matter what your "size" or stamina... and even if your girl has had trouble climaxing during intercourse in the past. With the secrets inside of this program she'll be screaming your name and clawing up your back as you give her the most INTENSE orgasms she's ever had during intercourse... guaranteed!

You'll discover:

check A simple change to a “standard” sex position that practically GUARANTEES she has an orgasm everytime you have sex!

check The 4 favorite sex positions of Tori Black, 2012 AVN Adult Starlet of the Year!

check How many sex positions to use each session and how to know EXACTLY when to switch (She'll instantly know you're a sex expert when you do this)

check How to charge up your girl's emotions during sex - Here's how to combine physical pleasure with emotional stimulation to get your girl sexually ADDICTED to you

check Marcus's #1 favorite position for giving a girl MULTIPLE orgasms

check How to know when she wants a one position quickie and when she wants hours of lovemaking

check The sex positions that are emotional and those that are dominating (and when to COMBINE them in one session) v

check The 3 positions women HATE (Sadly most men read about these in magazines and try them out... but we girls wish they wouldn't!)

check The mysterious “Lotus” position – A magical position that will have her screaming your name and BEGGING you for more!

check A secret spot on her body – unknown to 99% of men, and even most women – that connects DIRECTLY to the main pleasure sensor in her brain (Touch this spot in this way to send waves of pleasure pulsating through her body!)

check And much, much more!

Advanced Sex Positions for Killer Orgasms comes on 2 exciting DVDs and features full-on explicit demonstrations of all of these techniques, plus DOZENS more!

If you're ready to give your woman the most intense orgasms humanely possible *and* get her to become sexually addicted to you, then you're going to LOVE this program.

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Squirting Mastery dvds

Squirting Orgasm Mastery
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My " She Squirts Or It's Free"

I'm so confident that my Squirting Orgasm Mastery program will give you the skills to give your girl a body-shaking squirting orgasm, I make you this promise:

After going through this program, you will make your girl squirt the VERY FIRST time you try... or you pay nothing!

Simply pack it up and send it right back to me, and I'll refund every cent of your money, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

Why am I making you such a "crazy" guarantee?

I have 3 reasons:

       1. I KNOW this stuff works

       2. I know it's EASY to do

       3. It works with ANY girl

       4. And I know it's going to work for YOU!

Listen, it took me a LONG time to discover this technique for making any woman squirt. And it took me even longer to perfect it to where it works every time.

It takes no special skills or strength, and the video demonstrations make it easy to learn.

There's nothing to memorize, and no tricky "spots" to find.

You'll get the technique down in just 5 minutes, and by the time you are finishing watching the 5 demonstration scenes, you'll have the ability to make your girl squirt again and again and again.

It really is that simple.

But if for ANY reason you are unsatisfied... or if it DOESN'T work with your girl... you get your money back, quickly and with no hassles.

I'm that confident these secrets will work for you, and I want you to find out just how powerful they are for yourself.

You have absolutely nothing to lose... and a whole lot of WILD experiences with women to gain!

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Be The BEST She's Ever Had...

It's been a long time since I first "cracked the code" on how to give a girl a squirting orgasm... and since then, I've showed over 300 girls how to have this enlightening sexual experience for the first time.

Through it all, one thing has remained the same:

Every single girl I've ever given one to has swore up and down that I was the best she EVER had in bed.

I tell you this not to brag, but to show you what's possible when you master this technique.

99% of women have NEVER felt an orgasm this powerful before.

Once you show her the "light"... she will want to experience it again and again and again.

And of course, you will be the only guy who knows how to give it to her.

I know less than a dozen men in the entire world who know how to do this technique correctly... and now this is your chance to join this elite group.

The guys in this group:

- Never have to worry about a woman leaving them... or even LOOKING at another guy

- Get sex from their women as often as THEY want... and usually she is the one initiating it

- Quickly make a girl forget about any other lover she has had in the past... as NO ONE has ever been able to give her an orgasm like this before

- Unleash a WILD SIDE in their girl that they are often surprised to see... as once her sexuality is unlocked in this way your girl wants to try all kinds of new things with you

It's a good place to be :)

One of my other favorite things about giving a girl these orgasms is that there is no "faking" when it comes to squirting.

When she comes, you know it!

If there was a "pill" your girl could take to have extreme sexual pleasure, THIS would be it. There is no better way to instantly transform your sex life.... and hers.

But don't take my word for it. I want YOU to get these secrets, and begin experiencing this dream sex life for yourself.

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To the best sex of your life,

Marcus London

Marcus London

Master Of The Squirting Orgasm

P.S. In Squirting Orgasm Mastery you'll discover the exact trick I've used to give over 300 women their very first squirting orgasm... and how you can use it to make ANY girl squirt as you wish! The technique is very simple - it takes just 5 minutes to learn and 45 minutes for me to bring you to mastery. You'll use it the SAME NIGHT you get the program to rock your girl's world with the most INTENSE orgasm she's ever felt before... guaranteed. The technique is easy to do and works for any guy with no special skills required. If for any reason you are unable to get your girl to squirt after using this powerful technique simply send the program back and you pay nothing. I'm that confident this program will show give you the skills to give your woman the ULTIMATE ORGASM she's dreamt about, and I want to prove it to you. Click on the link below and get Squirting Orgasm Mastery now... you'll be glad you did.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, just send an email to support@2girlsteachsex.com and you'll get an answer fast!

P.P.P.S. Warning: DVDs feature explicit, hardcore demonstrations of actual squirting orgasms, and exactly how to give them to a girl. Must be 18 or older to order.

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